NH Tap Absolute™ Well Water Filtration System

NH Tap Absolute™ Well Water Filtration System

The NH Tap Absolute™ Well Water Filtration System is comprised of a series of specialized filtration units specifically chosen to remove the contaminants found in your well.

Each Absolute™ unit used in your system targets a single contaminant—resulting in a long service life. This helps avoid the pitfall of paying for a generic system that has unnecessary features, ensuring clean water at every faucet in your home at an unmatched price.

How it Works

A preliminary lab analysis identifies the chemical makeup in your well. The NH Tap Absolute™ Well Water Filtration System uses a combination of the following units in series to eliminate the found contaminants in your water:

Iron Peak®

Automatically captures naturally-occuring iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide gases.


The only purifying unit capable of simultaneously removing Arsenic 3 and Arsenic 5.


Protects your home from corrosive groundwater that corrodes pipes, appliances, and causes blue-green staining.

Well water that passes through the Absolute™ system, undergoes a chemical transformation that allows the impurities to be trapped by the filtration media. The purified water is then sent out to every faucet in your home—allowing your family to drink, bathe, and entertain in absolute confidence.

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