Pure water at every faucet may cost less than you think.

Get a quote on a whole house water filtration system.

Considering investing in clean water for your home and family? We make determining the cost of a whole-home water filtration system easy.

Because water quality varies greatly throughout the region, we test the water at every location in order to ensure we remove all contaminants and provide customers with long-lasting service life.

Most home water tests only take a half-hour and a quote can be provided same-day.

What to Expect

1. Schedule a free home water test.

In order to make sure we are removing all contaminants from your tap water, we provide a free in-home water test to check for common New Hampshire contaminants. An in-home water test is the best way to ensure superior cleaning performance for years to come. We know your family is busy, so we'll work around your schedule.

2. Get your water tested.

Our office will contact you to confirm the appointment, and a water expert will arrive at your home at the determined time. A home water test only takes a half-hour, and we can answer any questions you may have then. Most home water tests can be completed on-site and a quote provided same-day. However, on some wells with specific contaminants a laboratory analysis may be required to ensure the proper treatment plan is used.

3. Review your quote.

After reviewing the results of your water test, we can quickly determine the right combination of media and equipment to effectively treat your home water. Your specialist will review the details with you and go over improvement options. We will never push to sell you something your home doesn't need. We're here to help you make choices that are right for your health and your budget.