NH Tap Mainframe™ Public Water Filtration System

NH Tap Mainframe™ Public Water Filtration System

The NH Tap MainFrame™ water filtration system automatically captures chemicals and metals using intelligent purification.

Using 3-stage filtration technology to control contaminants, a sealed design helps contain toxins in the system and keeps them from bypassing the filter and going into your home environment. The result is purified water delivered throughout the home to every faucet.

How it Works

The NH Tap Mainframe™ Public Water Purifier is optimized to remove harmful contaminants found in public tap water. By testing water samples and analyzing data from numerous 3rd-party sources, NH Tap is able to create up-to-date water quality profiles for individual New Hampshire towns and cities. This ensures our systems are tailored to your homes specific water needs, as opposed to a generic.

1. Purification.

The Mainframe is attached to the main water line where untreated water enters the machine.

2. Sealed filtration system.

Chemicals and metals are captured and removed before water is circulated into the home.

3. Auto mode.

An automatic regeneration cycle is performed to clean itself and restore its capacity.

Purified water is created through the elemental reaction between the impurities in tap water and the filtration materials in the system. This reaction causes impurities to bond with the filtration media, trapping and destroying them before they can be circulated into the home. This is the most cost-efficient and effective way to purify water on the market. Purified water does not harm your health with toxic chemicals like PFOA, chlorine, or heavy-metal lead. Installing an NH Tap Mainframe™ Public Water Purifier allows you and your family to enjoy healthy drinking water and hot showers with absolute peace-of-mind.

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