We know the unique water challenges New Hampshire faces.

From PFAS to Arsenic in well water, NH businesses face a variety of unique challenges for clean water. Our systems were specifically created to target your business’s individual filtration needs.

Pure water at every faucet can be the difference between good and great.

Avoid the hassles of hard water and the dangers of unknown chemicals lurking. After installing an NH Tap solution, you will reduce your employee’s and customer’s toxic exposure by over 99%.

Having clean water has never been easier or more convenient.

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to purify your business’ water supply, there’s no better option than our intelligent public, well water, and reverse osmosis filtration systems.

Getting safe and clean water is simple.

Step 1: Schedule a free in-office or virtual consultation

Step 2: Get the specific water filtration system recommended for your water.

Step 3: Choose your business’s custom water solution and services.

Step 4: Enjoy pure water, worry-free.

NH Tap provides a no-contact solution for —

  • Arsenic Testing & Removal
  • Bacteria Testing & Removal
  • City Water Contamination
  • Chlorine Testing & Removal
  • Corrosive Groundwater Testing & Removal
  • Iron Testing & Removal
  • Lead Testing & Removal
  • Pharmaceuticals Testing & Removal
  • Radon Testing

What’s included in an assessment?

NH Tap will test your water for hardness, chlorine, pH, Iron, sulfide gas (H2S gas or rotten egg odor), TDS (total dissolved solids), arsenic, and more.

  • Most water tests only take 20 minutes and a quote can be provided same-day.
  • If your water requires a lab test, the samples will be sent to an independent lab and the results will be provided within one week.
  • All quotes include the cost of installation by a state-licensed, certified plumber.
  • All NH Tap filtration systems include a 5-year warranty on parts and labor.

What to expect during the assessment?

For public water filtration customers: Because municipalities are required to publish regular water quality reports, we are able to gain almost all necessary information for a quote before we even step foot in your office. However, because the plumbing and floorplan of every business are different, we do need to conduct a thorough inspection of the premises to provide an accurate quote. We’ll have your no-obligation quote to you within 24 hours. 

For private wells filtration customers: We will need to test your water to determine the chemical makeup of your well. Many contaminants can be tested on-site, but certain contaminants such as arsenic will be sent to an independent lab for testing. Once the lab results come in (usually within 1 week), NH Tap will share them with you and provide a quote for any necessary remediation.