PFOA industrial contaminant

Chlorine is a major ingredient used throughout water treatment plants across the country as an effective disinfectant for killing bacteria and sterilizing water. Praised for its simple and quick eradication of possibly fatal waterborne viruses, the chemical agent remains present after its use and can create dangerous byproducts known as trihalomethanes (THMs). THMs are compounds formed when the chlorine used for water treatment combines with organic matter, potentially creating a commonly formed carcinogen called chloroform. Though chlorine levels are regulated in public water, risks remain.

Health effects of chlorine in water.

The impact that chlorine and chloramine (chlorine combined with ammonia) on human health have not been widely researched, though some research has suggested the toxicity of these chemicals. THMs from chemically treated water have been associated with:

  • Kidney, bladder, and rectal cancer
  • Prenatal complications and birth defects
  • Weakened immune system
  • Liver malfunction

Though our bodies have a natural ability to filter a low level of chlorine when present in drinking water, the vapors may be a greater threat to our health. When inhaled, chlorine gas directly infiltrates our blood stream, putting us at greater risk for exposure to carcinogenic properties. Exposure to these gases through showering and bathing are thought to be more dangerous than drinking chlorinated water.


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