You may be familiar with the gaseous element nitrogen, but what are nitrates in water? Nitrates and nitrites are naturally occurring compounds that are different but closely related. When combined with other microorganisms, nitrate can turn into nitrite, which is known for its dangerous health effects when ingested at certain levels. Both nitrate and nitrite present a hazard to humans when present in drinking water above a safe concentration level.

What causes nitrites or nitrates in water? As common components of fertilizers, food preservatives, and explosives, they can seep into surface water or groundwater from agricultural runoff, sewage treatment plants, or nearby construction explosions. If you have nitrates or nitrites in your drinking water, you should be aware of the health effects.

Health effects of nitrates and nitrites in your drinking water.

Although humans and animals naturally produce nitrates and nitrites and need them to thrive, people are also harmed by excessive consumption of these two nitrogen compounds. Some studies have shown that high amounts of nitrate are linked to the risk of cancer in the gastrointestinal tract. High levels of nitrites may cause methemoglobinemia, which is when the blood can’t carry enough oxygen to cells. This is especially dangerous for infants who are developing and whose bodies will more quickly convert nitrate to nitrite.

Animal studies have shown excessive consumption of nitrates and nitrites leads to a disruption in thyroid function. Some people who ingested high levels experienced vomiting and digestive issues, headaches, elevated heart rate, and decreased blood pressure.

Find out if you have nitrates and nitrites in your water with our water testing service.

Because of the concerning health effects, it’s important to test for nitrates and nitrites in water. NH Tap offers on-site nitrite and nitrate water testing at your house so you can have a comprehensive breakdown of your water’s makeup. Depending on your water source and location, we can determine the best nitrate and nitrite test to use, while also measuring for other possible contaminants.

Water treatment options to remediate nitrates and nitrites from your water.

Whole-home water filtration systems for well water

If you find that you have high levels in your drinking water, you’ll want to know how to get rid of nitrates and nitrites. When these nitrogen compounds are on your radar, we have solutions. NH Tap provides a series of whole-home water filtration systems for households supplied with well water.

Each one can eliminate the threat and purify your drinking water making it free of health hazards. Built with superior filtration technology, they have unique strengths to detect and remove impurities. Once we have test results for your home, our expert team can offer guidance on whether one of these systems is the right fit for you.

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Reverse osmosis systems

Another great option is a reverse osmosis system. Using a four-stage process during which contaminants are filtered and removed, this advanced RO technology purifies your water, removing 99% of leading contaminants including excess sodium, arsenic, lead, and others like nitrates and nitrite. As a smaller unit, they are an efficient and low-impact solution. After testing your home’s water, we can evaluate whether a whole-home filtration system or an RO system is right for you.

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