How to purify public water.

Installing an NH Tap Mainframe Whole House Water Filtration System is the healthiest and most affordable way to produce your own clean water. The Mainframe puts the water through a multi-step process to remove metals, pesticides, PFOAs, pharmaceuticals, and other toxins. NH Tap water filtration systems remove 97.98% of all tap water impurities and can be 60% more efficient than standard filtration units, saving you hundreds of dollars each year in bottled water replacement filter costs.

How New Hampshire public water gets contaminated.

1. Aquifer

Your Public Utility Company drills deep into the underground aquifer or local river and pumps up the water it then supplies to its customers. Due to cost restraints and many technical considerations involved, this water experiences little if any filtration.

2. Water Treatment

Large debris is removed and then the Hydrogen Sulfide Gases (rotten egg smell) are released into the air. The water is then Chlorinated. After injection of these chemicals, the Public Utility Companies sends this “treated” water to their customers. Sometimes this water must travel through miles of underground pipes, to reach its destination.

New Hampshire Public Water Purification Diagram

“Dear NH Tap, I wanted to ensure that my family is safe from lead. I’m waiting on another baby and because there is information that lead may get in drinking water and cause health problems, I wanted to ensure actions were taken to protect our health.”

3. Distribution

Many of New Hampshire’s water delivery systems are nearly 100 years old! Is it any wonder that metals may be leaking from old pipes. Public drinking water must pass through a maze of piping, fittings, and service lines to reach your faucet, mostly made of iron. As the iron pipes corrode, clean water flowing through them becomes contaminated with rust. Over time the pipes also rupture, causing not only water loss, but the introduction of pollutants and chemicals from the ground. Even when municipalities claim their water is clean, they cannot control factors that lead to water quality deterioration in distribution systems. If you clean up water and then put it into a dirty pipe, there’s not much point.

Why NH Tap?

NH Tap is committed to practical, cost-effective methods with top-performance. Our experts are equipped with the knowledge and designs to implement water purification systems that will ensure absolute safety when it comes to public water, because we believe in access to clean, contaminant-free water for every home.