Iron is a natural element that will often seep into groundwater and is considered a common contaminant of the wells of New Hampshire. It is an essential nutrient for our daily diets, though we are not dependent on our drinking water as an effective source. While iron in water is not considered a direct hazard to our health, the EPA still considers it to be a secondary contaminant with suggested regulation standards based on the cosmetic and aesthetic effects it can cause. Almost all New Hampshire wells are at risk for undesirable levels of iron, with the additional risk of iron bacteria growth. If high iron levels remain untreated, iron bacteria growth can implement itself in the wells permanently, or pose a serious challenge to fully eradicate it.

Effects of iron in water.

Though there is no health risk associated with iron in drinking water, it can be a damaging, costly nuisance if not treated. An unpleasant, brown slime can be created through iron bacteria that will clog faucets, screens and pipes, and eventually clog entire systems after gradual buildup. Plumbing fixtures and pipes are also vulnerable to mineral buildup from iron alone, which will decrease water pressure and subsequently increase the cost of appliances. Iron is also responsible for:

  • Unsightly discoloration of water
  • Foul odors
  • Metallic taste
  • Reddish stains on laundry, dishes and appliances

There is no need to suffer through the destructive tendencies iron has when present in well water; NH Tap is here to solve or prevent further dissatisfaction from this heavy-metal contaminant.

Remediation of iron in New Hampshire water.

The NH Tap Iron Peak Well Water Filtration System is the only remedy your well needs upon a positive test for iron. It’s a multi-component system that, based upon your home’s water test results, will be designed to fit the custom needs of your well. The NH Tap Iron Peak is the most effective and affordable way to obtain clean, purified water for your home.

Why NH Tap?

The NH TAP commitment is providing purified, healthy water for drinking and for all household purposes. Our water evaluation tests will detect all threatening contaminants, including toxic chemicals. We provide custom treatments to ensure safe water for everyone in the family. Call now to set up a water test with an expert today.

What’s Next?

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