We’re empowering people with information and changing the way people think about their water. Our industry-changing products provide NH residents with the best water quality for health and happiness.

The NH Tap story.

NH Tap was born from a passion for helping people affected by the water issues facing NH — when our founder, Keith McDonald, began to discover how toxins were impacting waterways, he wanted to do something about it.

I grew up in Jaffrey and enjoyed a great childhood. Like many other NH kids, I had my sights set high and moved to Orlando to pursue a career in professional break dancing. Along with my successful career there, I was introduced to water issues in the 3rd most polluted state and started working in water treatment.

Studying public water, aging infrastructure, and industrial pollution, I saw a great need for a water filtration system that would help people live healthier lives.

When I came back home to NH in my early 30’s, I saw all of the same issues I had studied — NH’s public water struggles with a 125-year-old distribution system, chemical runoff, and natural heavy metals.

Surprisingly, not much was changing to address these issues! With my previous field experience and self-taught chemistry knowledge, I engineered a whole house water purification system to remove metals and chemicals from NH’s public water and launched NH Tap.

Being part of your story.

We love getting to know our neighbors and helping them get great-tasting, clean water. Our approach is educational — we take the facts about your water supply, discuss your goals for your water with you, and use the best water treatment techniques to provide you with the best water for years to come.

Our mission.

Improving by removing.

We’re on a mission to provide healthier water for all of New Hampshire. Our tools and advice make it easy to pinpoint your water needs, choose the best water filtration systems, and tackle major water contaminants like arsenic, PFAs, and heavy metal lead.

Our guarantee.

With so many companies offering water treatment, it can be hard to know whom to trust. At NH Tap, we spend thousands of hours researching water contaminants and following strict environmental integrity to match you with the perfect choice. We even work closely with local environmental groups and health professionals so you can enjoy our expert advice and researched recommendations with total clarity and confidence. Here at NH Tap, our number one priority is you.

Our service areas.