Water Clarity in New Hampshire

While NH residents are used to reading about water clarity issues in surrounding lakes and ponds due to algae and other contaminants, water clarity in our homes is another matter. When you start to see discoloration in what should be crystal clear, you may be looking at damaged plumbing or appliances and potentially harmful contaminants.

We want to help you pinpoint the reason and resolve your water clarity problems before your home and health are impacted.

Milky Water

Milky or cloudy water, while irritating, is simply caused by very small air bubbles coming through your water due to your pipes or filtration system. If you have a water filtration system, try changing out the filter. If the issue persists, call your NH water experts to review your water quality.

If you have white spots or streaks left behind from your water, it may be limescale (excessive calcium and magnesium), which can damage pipes and appliances.

Yellow Water

Tannins, a natural organic material, add a yellow tinge to the water. Similar to the effect of herbs in a teabag, this material has a tart aftertaste and an earthen odor that’s unmistakable. If you leave tannins in your water supply, over time you may notice staining on your ceramics, so the sooner you fix the source, the better.

Brown Water

One of the most irritating and alarming issues is seeing bits of dirt or unknown elements floating in your water. Either high manganese levels or sediment from runoff can cause murky-looking water. Sediment can damage your appliances, and manganese can cause permanent health issues — so either cause will need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Blue-Green Water

Blue or green-tinted water is usually attributed to low pH levels or acidic water — and corrosive groundwater coming through your pipes. This water quality causes heavy metals to “leach” into the water, bringing in unwanted and potentially hazardous chemicals like copper.

Solutions for Water Clarity Issues

The first step to determining what you need for your home is getting your water tested to confirm why you have water clarity problems. We love to help our neighbors know what’s in their water with a free test! The NH Tap team can tell you exactly what’s in your water so you can decide the best method to resolve the issue.

Whole-Home Water Filtration

If you need to remove sediment and other contaminants from your water supply, the NH Tap team may recommend a whole house water filtration system, customized for your city or well water supply, to get rid of irritating natural compounds (iron, manganese, tannins, etc.) and potentially dangerous toxins (arsenic, PFAS, pesticides, and herbicides, etc.) that can be in your water.

Contact us today to schedule your free water test!