Introducing the NH Tap PFAS-Free Program

If you are a New Hampshire homeowner on a private well, we urge you to see if you qualify for a free NH Tap PFAS Pure Filtration System—installation included. As an NHDES-approved contractor, NH Tap is able to leverage government funding to provide qualified homeowners with whole-home water filtration that completely removes hazardous, industrial PFAS chemicals that continue to turn up in New Hampshire’s water supply.

This opportunity is only available while the state funding exists, so we can only offer it on a first-come, first-serve basis. We ask homeowners to act quickly on this offer.

If you have already had your water tested for PFAS, NH Tap can review your results to determine if you qualify for this offer.

If you haven’t had your water tested yet, NH Tap can collect samples from your home and drop them off at our independent lab for analysis. The only charge is for the lab test itself—usually around $200.

If your water qualifies for the state rebate, we will recommend the right water filtration solution for your home and will work with you to find an installation date that fits your schedule. If you provided us with a lab test, we would need to perform a site check to plan the installation before scheduling.

That’s it. We cover the paperwork for filing the rebate. We cover the fees for a post-install lab test to prove the system is working. And you and your family will have worry-free water, improving the value of your home and your quality of life—at no cost!

FAQs on the NH Tap PFAS Free Program

NH Tap is installing whole-home PFAS Filtration systems at no cost by leveraging government rebates.

Yes, we know it sounds too good to be true, but this is an opportunity to have your water filtered from PFAS at no cost to you—and we will handle all of the rebate paperwork for you. Really, everybody wins in this scenario. You get clean water without shelling out thousands of dollars. The state only has to deal with a single point-of-contact for these rebates (us). And we get to install our groundbreaking water systems and build our loyal customer base.

You can use the lab of your choice to pick up a test kit from, collect samples, and return to the lab—or you can schedule an NH Tap PFAS test. An NH Tap sample collection takes about a half-hour, and we don’t charge for the service call.

Either way, pricing for a PFAS lab test typically runs $200, and results typically take 3–5 weeks.

The NH Tap Pure PFAS Filtration System requires a filter tank replacement and rotation once every three years. It features a clever, low-maintenance lead/lag design that reduces complexity and service calls. We can provide more details on expected service calls once we can spec out your specific system.

We install our own NH Tap Pure™ PFAS Filtration System to completely remove PFAS chemicals from your well water. We’ve installed hundreds of these systems in New Hampshire homes and have done lab testing years after installation to confirm they work as designed.

Please indulge us for a moment: the filtration media on this system is our own proprietary NHX8 coconut shell activated carbon in a two-tank, lead-lag configuration. This specific media in this particular layout allows us to entirely capture these slippery, industrial chemicals in the most efficient way possible. This innovation means NH Tap products have an edge on performance while keeping initial and ongoing costs significantly lower than other filtration products on the market. We made this system specifically with New Hampshire water issues in mind and want everyone in the Granite State to enjoy the purest water without worry of PFAS.

You can rest assured that the NH Tap Pure™ is the best solution for your home’s PFAS remediation.

No. The installation is covered by the cost of the system—or in this case, the rebate. We use our trained technicians, and depending on the plumbing at your home, we have licensed master plumbers on-call to the in-house team for more involved projects. Again, if you qualify for this program, there is no cost to you.

Here’s a little backstory to understanding the rebate. PFAS contaminants, or “forever chemicals,” are a mounting issue as New Hampshire keeps turning up higher levels throughout the ground and drinking water across the state. PFAS is an industrial contaminant that has been linked to numerous health risks. There’s a lot to know about this emerging contaminant—and even more still to learn—but all of the science indicates that the health effects of PFAS in your drinking water need to be taken seriously.

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) have stepped up to the plate to expertly manage PFAS contamination in the water supply. To protect citizens of NH and lower PFAS levels to acceptable limits, NHDES is implementing its PFAS Removal Rebate Program. NH residents can take back control of their drinking water from harmful PFAS substances.

You can read our summary of the state program here

We are leveraging the PFAS Removal Rebate Program from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) to fund this offer. You can read our summary of the state program here. So we need to confirm first that you and your water meet the requirements laid out in that program. Here is a brief summary of the requirements:

  • Your home must be on a private well.
  • You must have PFAS levels in your water that exceed the state limits.
  • You must not have any other remediation options, either by the municipality or the “Saint Gobain” decree area.

Again, that’s why we handle this legwork for you—it can be a fair amount of vetting for a homeowner, and frankly, this is our job and expertise.

After proving that your home and water qualify for the rebate, we need to ensure that your home is a candidate for the product. This simply means a site check to confirm that plumbing and space are adequate to accept the proper water filtration system.

That’s all, folks. Meet those qualifications, and as long as this program is still funded, we are happy to install a system at no cost to you.

Unfortunately, the NHDES PFAS Removal Rebate currently only covers home water filtration for private wells and does not cover homes on town water. We do hope that there will be funding released at some point for homeowners on municipal water, as 32% of New Hampshire municipal water contains PFAS.

Regardless of the current status of the government rebates, NH Tap urges New Hampshire homeowners to get their water tested and check their municipal water reports to familiarize themselves with their home’s water quality. Even if your town water supply does not currently suffer from PFAS contamination, you most likely can benefit from NH Tap’s whole-home filtration systems designed to filter hardness, chlorine, lead, and other contaminants commonly found in New Hampshire municipal water.

Of course, we should clearly mention that everyone should consult with their own tax professional for any tax question.

BUT, we have worked with the state and our financial partners so that NH Tap, as a state-approved vendor, can submit all paperwork directly to the state and claim the rebate for the system in lieu of the customer. Because the customer never receives a check from the state, they don’t have any tax liabilities. We’ve confirmed with NHDES that the 1099 will be coming to us.

This really is a no-cost offer. The only expense a customer may incur during this process is the initial lab testing for PFAS.