Get a quote on a whole house water filtration system.

Considering investing in clean water for your home and family? We make determining the cost of a whole-home water filtration system easy.

Because water quality varies greatly throughout the region, we test the water at every location in order to ensure we remove all contaminants and provide customers with long-lasting service life.

What’s Included in a Quote

  • Most home water tests only take a half-hour and a quote can be provided same-day.
  • If your water requires a lab test, the samples will be sent to an independent lab and the results will be provided within 1-week.
  • All quotes include the cost of installation by a state-licensed, certified plumber.
  • All NH Tap filtration systems include a 5-year warranty on parts and labor.

What to Expect

For municipal water filtration quotes

Because municipalities are required to publish regular water quality reports, NH Tap is able to gain a lot of information about any contaminants that may be in your water—before we step foot in your home. We may be able to provide you with ballpark pricing over the phone. However, because the plumbing and floorplan of every home is different we do need to inspect the home to provide an accurate quote. An in-home visit will only take a half-hour and we can work around your schedule. We’ll have a no-obligation quote to you within 24-hours.

For private well water filtration quotes

If you’re home uses a private well, NH Tap will need to test your water to determine the chemical makeup of your well water. Many contaminants can be tested on site, but certain contaminants such as arsenic will need to be sent to an independent lab for testing. Once the lab results come in (usually within 1 week), NH Tap will share them with you and provide a quote for any necessary remediation.