NH Tap Reverse Osmosis System
NH Tap Reverse Osmosis System
NH Tap Reverse Osmosis System

NH Tap Reverse Osmosis System

Our 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) system is better than a typical RO system because it removes 99% of leading contaminants and includes a superior water pressure regulator, automatic leak detector shut-off valve, and simpler filter changes.

NH Tap Reverse Osmosis System
NH Tap Reverse Osmosis System
NH Tap Reverse Osmosis System
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5 Year Warranty on Parts & Labor

Professional Free Installation

Professional Free Installation

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Independent Lab-Tested Results

Independent Lab-Tested Results

Benefits of The Reverse Osmosis Water System

Get safer drinking water for your home.

Instantly healthier water.

Instantly healthier water.

Gives fresher flavor for everything from coffee and tea to everyday food preparation.

Gives fresher flavor for everything from coffee and tea to everyday food preparation.

Replaces bottled water costs with economical filtration.

Replaces bottled water costs with economical filtration.

Provides a sustainable solution that eliminates plastic waste.

Provides a sustainable solution that eliminates plastic waste.

How a Reverse Osmosis Works

Elevated reverse osmosis with 4-stage filtration technology.

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to separate unwanted contaminants and larger particles from drinking water. The result is cleaner water with a noticeably more enjoyable taste.

Why you would need a reverse osmosis system.

Why you would need a reverse osmosis system.

If you’re looking for a whole-home solution, we would recommend our or NH Tap Absolute (Well Water) or Mainframe (Public Water) for your home, due to their efficiency and overall impact.

But if your space is limited or you’re only looking to purify your drinking water, we offer Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology that can reduce levels of PFAS, lead, arsenic, sodium, and other contaminants commonly found in unfiltered NH Tap water.

If you have an unusually high sodium level, mid-levels of arsenic, or lead in your water, RO may be for you.

Let’s find out what’s in your water.

Superior filtration technology

Superior filtration technology.

Our 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) system is better than a typical RO system because it removes 99% of leading contaminants and includes a superior water pressure regulator, automatic leak detector shut-off valve, a complementary designer faucet, and simpler filter changes.

Step 1. Sediment Pre-Filter

Step 2. Carbon Pre-Filter

Step 3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Step 4. Post Carbon Filter

Our filtration accuracy is <1ppt (1 part-per-trillion is about 1,000 times smaller than a drop of water in an Olympic-size swimming pool), giving you complete peace of mind that your water is pure.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) system Under Sink

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Need to know the ballpark? Get an easy estimate of your home’s purification system costs. We offer a 5-year warranty to back our incredible water filtration systems and can provide regular maintenance service to help your unit last a lifetime!

Measurements & Dimensions

Reverse Osmosis System

16”W x 18”H

Tank Dimensions

12”W x 17”H
Gallons Per Day: 50

Arsenic (3 and 5) in New Hampshire Water


Tasteless, odorless, and colorless, this toxin can cause health issues, from heart disease and diabetes to certain cancers, as you’re exposed to it over time.

Chlorine in New Hampshire Water


The EPA has approved trace amounts of chlorine in your water — and it’s used in municipal water purification — but this chemical can cause dry skin and other digestive issues.

Learn more about chlorine in New Hampshire water

Hard Water in New Hampshire Water

Hard Water*

Hard water won’t hurt you, but you’ll know if you have it. From dry skin to cloudy glasses and an excess of soap scum, hard water creates everyday irritations that you can eliminate. *Requires an additional custom filter.

Learn more about hard water in New Hampshire water

Heavy Metal Lead in New Hampshire Water

Heavy Metal Lead

Small doses can harm your body and stunt children’s development. If your home was built before 1986, you may have lead pipes that are passing trace amounts of the toxin into your home’s water.

Learn more about lead in New Hampshire water

PFAS and PFOA in New Hampshire Water


New Hampshire has many known issues with PFAs in city drinking water; this chemical causes harm to reproductive development as well as the liver, kidney, and immune function.

Learn more about PFAS and PFOA in New Hampshire water

Trace Pharmaceuticals in New Hampshire Water

Trace Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals enter your drinking water through wastewater, industrial, and agricultural runoff, sewage sludge, overflows, animal feedlots, and more. More research needs to be done on the health effects of these contaminants.

Learn more about pharmaceuticals in New Hampshire water

Sodium in New Hampshire Water


Don’t allow road waste or natural elements to impact your daily sodium intake or your water’s flavor and quality.

New Hampshire applies road salt (sodium chloride) to our roads during winter storms, which often makes its way into both public and well water. Reverse osmosis filtration is the only technology to reduce sodium in drinking and cooking water.

Reverse Osmosis Units are often prescribed when they aren’t needed. We only suggest RO systems if our other holistic solutions don’t work for your situation. We’ll weigh your options and help you choose the best system to meet your water needs.

Each NH Tap Filtration System can remove common contaminants found in New Hampshire public and well water.

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Life with NH Tap.

We make shopping for a water filtration system easy.

Whether you’ve been bringing in bottled water or drinking your home’s water without knowing the potential chemicals that are in it, water should not be an added stressor in your life. Here’s a quick look at how NH Tap provides a superior product that will enhance your life and give you quality service for years to come.

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Kind words from our customers.

Amherst, New Hampshire Water Filtration System Install

Keri Siciliano

Amherst, New Hampshire

“I hired Keith and the team from NH Tap to install my water filtration system and I could not be happier! The installation was absolute perfection, done with care and consideration. It is wonderful to see a company take such pride in their work. Keith, Nate and Justin were helpful, and respectful... overall a great pleasure to work with! I've already noticed a difference in my water taste and feel, and I am so happy that we invested the money into this top notch system! I highly recommend using NH Tap, they will deliver excellent results.”

Exeter, New Hampshire Water Filtration System Install

John Miller

Exeter, New Hampshire

“I had NH Tap install an entire home water purification system 2 months ago, and it was one of the best investments I ever made. I continue to smile whenever I get a glass of drinking water directly from my home tap, and it is delicious. NH Tap provided excellent service, explained all my options in detail, showed me the factual information about my town's water system, and professionally installed the system with the highest of quality. I highly recommend NH Tap without reservation, and I look forward to calling them in 5 years to replace the carbon filter system.”

Concord, New Hampshire Water Filtration System Install

Brian Perry

Concord, New Hampshire

“Keith, Nate and the team at NH Tap did an incredible job on our system! They replaced our well tank and replaced our old, outdated water filtration system with a new, state -of-the-art tank & system that we love! We are already seeing and tasting better water from our well thanks to NH Tap. Their installation was flawless and well-organized. Nate and his team were very professional and were a pleasure to have working in our 1779 farmhouse. They left everything spotless! We would highly recommend NH Tap based on service, price and over-all professionalism. My wife and I are very satisfied with the whole experience!”

Merrimack, New Hampshire Water Filtration System Install

Jim Geer

Merrimack, New Hampshire

“NH Tap was extremely knowledgeable about the water issues in our town. They were focused on giving us the best solution to give us the cleanest water. The whole process from initial consultation to installation was very easy and the process was well explained. The end results were exactly what we were looking for, clean water with no chemicals. I highly recommend NH Tap.”

All your questions answered.

City Water

Cities are required to produce regular water quality reports, so we are able to obtain most details about your water before we step foot in your home. Because the plumbing and floorplan of every home is different, we will need to inspect the home to provide an accurate quote and can have a no-obligation quote to you within 24-hours.

Well Water

NH Tap will need to test your well water to determine its chemical makeup. Many contaminants can be tested on-site, but several contaminants, such as arsenic, must be sent to an independent lab for examination. Once the lab results come in (usually within 1 week), we share them with you and provide a quote for any necessary remediation.

You should have a fully functioning system in 1 - 3 weeks — from initial consultation to installation.

Your system should last a lifetime. But your filtration media will last up to 1-10 years, depending on your water’s chemical makeup. We can get you on a Service schedule that puts all your water needs on autopilot! Contact us today for more information on water testing and a system quote.

Yes. We offer easy-term financing with zero down & low monthly payments. You can request more information on financing here.

Stay current on New Hampshire water quality updates.

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