Do you live in New Castle, NH? You probably rely on either a public water system or a private well for your household water supply. In either case, there is a risk of contamination by microorganisms, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals. 

To eliminate the potential hazards caused by unsafe drinking water, we recommend regular water testing and a quality filtration system customized for your home. NH Tap is here to help with expert water testing and water filtration in New Castle to bring you the purest water possible.

Water quality in the New Castle, NH area.

Sampling performed by New Castle Water Works revealed 26 total contaminants in water sources, 14 of which exceeded the EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) health guidelines. Among them were potential carcinogens, including:

  • Haloacetic acids (HAA9): 625x
  • Dichloroacetic acid: 74x
  • Chloroform: 140x
  • Arsenic: 48x

The EWG has been working to bring awareness to the issue of water contamination, particularly arising from chemicals, both nationally and across New Hampshire. They remind people that a “passing grade” from a legal standpoint does not equate to safety. In fact, legal limits for tap water have not been updated for almost two decades.

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Ensuring the safety of your family’s well-being and the quality of your home’s water is imperative. First, you must identify potential health risks such as lead, bacteria, and chemicals, through consistent testing. Regular sampling provides peace of mind and a strategy for taking remedial or preventive actions. NH Tap offers a comprehensive range of water testing services covering public water, well water, and PFAS & PFOA chemicals.

Public Water Testing

Residents of Newcastle who depend on public water sources may inadvertently encounter industrial chemicals and aging infrastructure, potentially exposing themselves to various contaminants. Because of the unique plumbing and structural setups of individual homes, custom testing and analysis will provide you with the most realistic picture of your water quality.

Although water quality reports are regularly issued and provide some of the necessary information for a remote quote, an on-site assessment is crucial for an accurate estimate.

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Well Water Testing

What if you’re on a well water system? We’ve still got you covered. 

Sourced from underground aquifers, wells are fed by groundwater and provide an environmentally friendly and efficient water supply. Still, contamination can occur and as a result, unsuspecting families may face potential illnesses or long-term health issues. Without outside regulation and filtration, homeowners are responsible for assessment and prevention. 

NH tap offers professional well water testing services for residents in New Castle so that you can continue to enjoy pure, delicious water free from hazards.

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PFAS Water Testing

PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) are chemical byproducts found in a range of manufactured items such as fire extinguisher foam and nonstick pans. In high enough concentrations, they can cause significant harm when ingested by humans and animals.

Prevalent throughout New Hampshire, these “forever chemicals” that don’t break down easily are unfortunately a real risk for well water. Homeowners are strongly advised to take proactive measures by testing for these persistent threats.

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You’ve taken the first step and scheduled water testing. Now it’s time to make a plan. Deciphering test results and exploring water filtration options based on your water’s makeup is not always easy. NH Tap offers expert guidance every step of the way. Whether you’re struggling with undesirable pollutants, or water that’s too hard on your appliances and skin, we can help you find the perfect filtration system for your home.

Whole-home water filtration systems for public water

The NH Tap MainFrame™ Whole House Water Filtration System utilizes smart purification techniques to automatically capture chemicals and metals. Employing advanced 3-stage filtration technology, this system efficiently handles a range of contaminants. Its sealed design guarantees that harmful substances cannot bypass the filter, ensuring the delivery of purified water throughout your home environment.

Learn more about the NH Tap MainFrame™ Whole House Water Filtration System.

Whole-home water filtration systems for well water

The NH Tap Absolute™ Well Water Filtration System comprises a variety of carefully chosen specialized filtration units designed to effectively remove the typical contaminants found in well water. Each Absolute™ unit within the system is dedicated to addressing a specific contaminant, ensuring prolonged system durability and outstanding value in providing clean water.

Explore our NH Tap Absolute™ Well Water Filtration System for private wells.

Water softeners

Experience top-quality water for all your household needs with our customized whole-house water softener system, featuring backup power and computerized softener distribution. Enjoy the finest water for cleaning, bathing, and consumption.

Explore our NH Tap OneStep Conditioner Water Softener.

Reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification method that employs a semi-permeable membrane to effectively remove undesirable contaminants and larger particles from your drinking water. The outcome is a noticeably improved taste and cleaner water.

Explore our NH TAP Reverse Osmosis System.

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