Pure and clean water is vital for your family’s health and well-being. It plays a crucial role in hydration, digestion, circulation, and temperature regulation. At NH Tap, we are dedicated to ensuring the water you use and consume in Pembroke, NH, is free from contaminants. Our services include water testing, installation, and ongoing maintenance of filtration systems to safeguard your family’s health.

Water quality in the Pembroke, NH area.

Pembroke’s water is sourced from ground water locally in Pembroke, NH. The chemical purification process efficiently eliminates numerous major contaminants, making tap water generally safe to drink. Nevertheless, in any municipal water system, some chemicals do persist at levels deemed ‘legally’ safe, such as chlorine, which may still have negative impacts on your well-being.

For those relying on well water, additional measures are necessary. Given the persistent concerns surrounding PFAS and arsenic, NH Tap strongly recommends that all well water owners in New Hampshire conduct water testing every 1-2 years or consider installing a water filtration system to ensure the safety of their water supply. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) explains the risks of various pollutants penetrating the water supply near Pembroke. Some of the offending cancer-causing chemicals include —

  • Nitrate (2.6x higher than recommended)
  • Perfluorobutane sulfonate (3.3x higher than recommended)
  • Perfluorooctanoic acid (132x higher than recommended)

Given the potential risks that may exist in your water supply, it’s crucial to schedule water testing for both city and well water promptly. Taking this step can help mitigate the possibility of future health concerns.

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Testing your home’s water quality is vital for ensuring safe drinking and protecting your family’s health. It detects contaminants, such as lead, bacteria, and chemicals, which can pose health risks. Regular testing helps identify issues, ensures peace of mind, and allows for timely corrective measures if problems arise. At NH Tap, we offer public water testing, well water testing, and PFAS & PFOA testing.

Public Water Testing

Many NH residents using public water may inadvertently come into contact with industrial chemicals and aging infrastructure, potentially exposing their families to various contaminants. Municipalities regularly publish water quality reports, allowing us to gather most required data for a quote remotely. However, given the unique plumbing and layout of each business, an on-site inspection is necessary for an accurate estimate.

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Well Water Testing

The quality of private well water can exhibit significant variation, from unpleasant odors and corrosiveness to deceptively clear yet potentially tainted sources. While some contaminants can be assessed on-site, others, like arsenic, require analysis by an independent lab.

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PFAS Water Testing

PFAS, often referred to as the “forever chemical,” are notoriously persistent and challenging to eliminate once they’ve been introduced. These chemicals result from the production of nonstick coatings, waterproofing agents, and fire retardants. PFAS do not break down in the human body and have been associated with serious health concerns. Municipalities typically conduct and publish PFAS testing, while NH Tap can assist in reviewing your town’s water quality reports. If you rely on a private well, individual testing through a certified laboratory is necessary.

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Pembroke residents can feel safe knowing that their specific water treatment needs are met. At NH Tap, we offer filtration systems for both public water and well water, as well as water softeners and reverse osmosis systems.

Whole-home water filtration systems for public water

The NH Tap MainFrame™ Whole House Water Filtration System employs intelligent purification to automatically capture chemicals and metals. Utilizing advanced 3-stage filtration technology, this system effectively manages various contaminants. Its sealed design ensures toxins are prevented from bypassing the filter, delivering purified water throughout your home environment as a result.

Learn more about the NH Tap MainFrame™ Whole House Water Filtration System.

Whole-home water filtration systems for well water

The NH Tap Absolute™ Well Water Filtration System consists of a range of specialized filtration units meticulously selected to eliminate the contaminants commonly present in well water. Each Absolute™ unit in the system focuses on a specific contaminant, guaranteeing extended system longevity and exceptional value for clean water.

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Water softeners

Experience top-quality water for all your household needs with our customized whole-house water softener system, featuring backup power and computerized softener distribution. Enjoy the finest water for cleaning, bathing, and consumption.

Explore our NH Tap OneStep Conditioner Water Softener.

Reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification method that employs a semi-permeable membrane to effectively remove undesirable contaminants and larger particles from your drinking water. The outcome is a noticeably improved taste and cleaner water.

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