Settled along the eastern seaboard, Seabrook is a small town with sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. It borders Massachusetts and is known as the site for New Hampshire’s only nuclear power plant.

Residents of Seabrook rely on both public water and private wells for their water supplies. Unfortunately, like most towns in NH, there is a risk that the water feeding residents’ homes is not safe. But, there are steps you can take to ensure you and your community are safe from pollutants. NH Tap offers hassle-free water testing and quality water filtration services in Seabrook to enhance people’s lives.

Water quality in the Seabrook, NH area.

The town of Seabrook provides helpful resources for their residents, one of which is a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

Listed in the 2022 report were several contaminants that may be present. They are typical risks associated with groundwater, even if it’s treated.

  • Microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria
  • Inorganic substances
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Organic chemical compounds
  • Radioactive elements

In addition, according to a test performed by the EWG (Environmental Working Group), some carcinogenic compounds found in the water measured above EWG health guidelines. They included Arsenic, Chloroform, and Perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA. While none exceeded legal limits and all were in compliance with federal drinking water regulations, the EWG reminds people that legal does not always equal safe.

Find out what’s in your water with our water testing services.

Water testing is essential to ensure safe drinking water. It identifies potential health risks such as radiation, bacteria, and chemicals. Plus, it enables prompt corrective actions if concerns arise. NH Tap offers a comprehensive range of water testing services including public water testing, well water testing, and PFAS and PFOA testing.

Public Water Testing

Many residents in Seabrook depend on public water sources. The local government regularly publishes water quality reports, as noted earlier. However, given the unique plumbing and structural setups of individual businesses or homes, an on-site assessment is crucial for an accurate estimate. 

Despite measures already taken to protect and treat public water sources, there is still a risk that your water is contaminated with industrial chemicals, by-products of aging infrastructure, and bacteria from waste, potentially exposing your family to health hazards.

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Well Water Testing

Private wells lack regulation, and the testing procedures may differ. If you rely on well water, it is essential to regularly assess its composition through testing. Well water can potentially contain bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and organic chemicals that permeate from underground water and remain untreated.

As recommended by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Sciences, you should regularly test well water for all possible contaminants.

Learn more about well water testing.

PFAS Water Testing

PFAS, commonly known as the “forever chemical,” are known for their enduring nature and the difficulty in eliminating them once introduced. These chemicals originate from the manufacturing of non-stick coatings, waterproofing agents, and fire extinguisher foam. 

PFAS resist breaking down in the human body and are linked to significant health issues such as cancer, immune deficiencies, and hormone imbalances. Town authorities generally conduct and release PFAS testing results, and NH Tap can aid in reviewing your town’s water quality reports. For those relying on a private well, custom testing through a certified laboratory is critical.

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Get the best water treatment solution for your Seabrook home.

Ready for a solution? Now that you know exactly what’s in your water, you have options for ongoing filtration and maintenance. If you’re struggling with undesirable pollutants in your water, we can provide a personalized approach and high-tech filtration to tackle your specific issue.

When you work with NH Tap, you get:

  • Custom analysis and recommendations for your water.
  • Optimized whole-home water solutions for both city and well water sources.
  • UV Light Filtration for Bacteria, and PFAS filtration systems for well water.
  • A cleaner kitchen, softer laundry, more dependable appliances, and impeccable drinking water.
  • Easy financing options with installation, a 5-year warranty (including parts and labor), + lifetime support.

Let’s explore your options for water filtration systems in Seabrook.

Whole-home water filtration systems for public water

The NH Tap MainFrame™ Whole House Water Filtration System utilizes smart purification techniques to automatically capture chemicals and metals. Employing advanced 3-stage filtration technology, this system efficiently handles a range of contaminants. Its sealed design guarantees that harmful substances cannot bypass the filter, ensuring the delivery of purified water throughout your home environment.

Learn more about the NH Tap MainFrame™ Whole House Water Filtration System.

Whole-home water filtration systems for well water

The NH Tap Absolute™ Well Water Filtration System comprises a variety of carefully chosen specialized filtration units designed to effectively remove the typical contaminants found in well water. Each Absolute™ unit within the system is dedicated to addressing a specific contaminant, ensuring prolonged system durability and outstanding value in providing clean water.

Explore our NH Tap Absolute™ Well Water Filtration System for private wells.

Water softeners

Experience top-quality water for all your household needs with our customized whole-house water softener system, featuring backup power and computerized softener distribution. Enjoy the finest water for cleaning, bathing, and consumption.

Explore our NH Tap OneStep Conditioner Water Softener.

Reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification method that employs a semi-permeable membrane to effectively remove undesirable contaminants and larger particles from your drinking water. The outcome is a noticeably improved taste and cleaner water.

Explore our NH TAP Reverse Osmosis System.

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