7 Benefits of a Water Softener

NH Tap OneStep Conditioner Water Softener

If you struggle with dry, itchy skin or streaking on your glasses after the dishwasher runs, you may have an issue with hard water. Hard water can drastically damage your home, and fixing the issue with water softeners will help you enjoy a better quality of life and help you take better care of your home.

What is Hard Water and Softener?

Hard water has an abundance of hard minerals like calcium and magnesium, and these minerals leave “deposits” behind, in your plumbing and appliances as well as impact your ability to clean things well.

A water softener benefits your home by eliminating the unwanted levels of hard water minerals that contribute to skin and hair as well as appliance issues. Those on well water may have naturally occurring harsher levels, but NH homes that run on city water can experience these issues too. From dry skin to rough clothes, you may feel uncomfortable and be looking for a solution.

Let’s explore the advantages of water softeners and how you can feel its impact on every aspect of how your home functions!

Benefits of a Water Softener

1: Healthier, Smoother Skin

If you have hard water, it can cause your skin to become drier or make your eczema or psoriasis worse! Especially when the humidity in your environment is sucked out of your surroundings, you’ll notice your skin feeling dry and itchy soon after bathing. With a water softener, you’ll see a significant change in how your skin feels after bathing. Your soap will suds up way better because it will dissolve better in the water. And instead of having clogged skin pores from soap residue, you’ll feel silky and hydrated.

2: Shiny and Healthy Hair

Hair — for so many people — is a huge factor in how they feel about themselves. With hard water, your hair and nails can also become brittle and suffer breakage, which can lead to hair that looks thinner and dull. You might be investing a lot of money in hair products to get healthier hair, with little success. Instead of applying creams and conditioners to fix the issues, you could instead fix the problem at the source!

3: Better Clothing Quality

There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling your clothes out of the dryer and it feels rough and non-pliable! From mineral buildup on your clothes and towels to some stains left behind from iron deposits, hard water causes a host of laundry issues. The benefits of water softener will help you enjoy a better quality of everyday life with softer clothes — and a cleaner clean!

4. Helps your Pipes and Appliances

You don’t want scale buildup and soap scum on your appliances and faucets — and letting hard water flow through your pipes and appliances, gives more opportunity for them to become clogged and breakdown! If you see discoloration rings or soap scum left behind, just imagine what’s happening where the water flows constantly! A water softener can relieve your home of pipes and appliances problems, potentially saving you money in the future.

5. Saves You Time

When you’re struggling with all these inconveniences, you’re spending valuable time trying to find a better soap, detergent, cleaning agent, or laundry softener to use. But you may never see much improvement until you add a water softener to your home.

6. Saves You Money

Besides not having to buy more cleaning products and avoiding plumbing problems — did you know that hard water impacts your energy bills? When your water heater has to deal with calcium and other minerals, it has to work harder to do its job, pulling more energy in.

7. Gives You Better Tasting Water

Last but not least, once the hard water minerals are removed from your water, you’ll notice an improved taste! Imagine being able to drink delicious water straight from your tap!

How Does It Work?

Our NH Tap OneStep Conditioner Water Softener works in a three-step process —

Step #1: Water enters the top of the water-softener tank and flows down through the resin beads.

Step #2: The beads hold a negative charge, attracting the positively charged minerals in the water (a process known as ion exchange).

Step #3: The minerals cling to the resin beads, and the now-softened water exits the tank and flows throughout the house.

When installing a water softening system, the installer attaches it to your home water supply. The machine uses salt in the regeneration cycle to remove calcium and magnesium and voila! A better quality of water and of living for your family.

NH Tap Water Solutions

If you’re already noticing dry, itchy, and flaky skin, be sure to call us out to check your water levels! We will provide a free water test and review your water quality to ensure you are matched with exactly what you need!

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