NH Tap OneStep Conditioner Water Softener

Choosing the Right Water Softener: A Buyer’s Guide

If you want to know how to choose a water softener for your home or business, NH Tap is here to help! A good water softener helps to remove scale buildup, extend the appliance’s lifespan, conserve energy, improve water quality, reduce soap scum, improve the taste of the water, and even improve skin and hair […]

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Choosing the Right Water Filter for PFAS Contamination

In a world where access to clean and contaminated water is paramount, concerns over pollutants like PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) have brought water filters for PFAS to the forefront of so many people’s minds! PFAS Filtration Systems in New Hampshire Safeguarding your health and your loved ones’ health from potential PFAS-related health risks starts […]

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Water Testing New Hampshire - NH Tap

Is Radon in Water Really Dangerous?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas found in soil and rock, known to be harmful when inhaled. But is radon and water really dangerous? In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the scientific reasoning behind the potential risks of radon and water, drawing from the guidelines provided by the EPA as well as […]

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Best New Hampshire Water Filtration System - NH Tap

The Beginner’s Guide to Water Filtration in NH

Clean, safe drinking water is the foundation of good health. Unfortunately, water quality isn’t guaranteed, and contaminants can affect the taste and safety of your tap water. This is where water filtration (and NH Tap!) comes in. The Beginner’s Guide to Water Filtration in NH In this beginner’s guide, we’ll explore the basics of water […]

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Lady in New Hampshire holding a glass of water inside a house

The Benefits of Carbon Filtration for Well Water

Clean, safe drinking water is a necessity for human health and well-being and yet its purity may be taken for granted without a close look at the invisible threats beneath the surface. For the millions of people who rely on well water as their primary freshwater source, an effective filtration system is essential. Without a […]

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Arsenic in NH Water - NH Tap

5 Effective Ways to Remove Arsenic from Your Drinking Water

Arsenic, a naturally occurring element, is both a silent Intruder and a deadly threat in our drinking water, especially in the Granite State. It is a Class 1 carcinogen that has been banned for use in certain pesticides, animal feed, and pressure-treating wood. Arsenic can contaminate private wells through agricultural and industrial waste, or, most […]

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How Does Road Salt Affect Your Well Water?

Did you know New Hampshire was the first state to use road salt during the winter? Since 1938, New Hampshire residents have shared similar experiences of building snowmen, making snow angels, and watching trucks supply the streets with salt to prevent automobiles from slipping and sliding. However, these Granite State families may not have known […]

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Absolute Well Water Filtration System New Hampshire

Understanding Water Filters: How They Work and Why You Need One

When we think of health, we often think about the types of food we eat or the amount of exercise we get daily. Even though we can focus on these factors to keep our bodies in shape, it is also important to understand another factor that impacts our overall state of health every single day: […]

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Absolute Well Water Filtration System Installation New Hampshire

The Ultimate Guide to Water Filtration for New Hampshire Water

Water is an essential resource for life, and access to clean, safe water is a vital asset to everyone in New Hampshire. While you may have never thought about water filtration before, here is a guide to water filtration that can help ensure that you have clean water throughout your life, positively impacting your health […]

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UV Water Purifier System

The Benefits of UV Water Filtration Systems: Why You Should Consider Installing One

As many New Hampshire homeowners know, purified water is a necessary resource for families across the state to live happily.  Like families, water purification systems can come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique traits. One type of water purification is called a UV water filtration system. Compared to other methods, the […]

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Hudson NH Water Softener Installation

Water Softeners vs. Salt Free Water Softeners: What’s the Difference?

Homeowners in New Hampshire have seen everything when it comes to water quality. But, some Granite Staters have experienced more worrisome problems in their homes due to their location in hard water zones. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium, which pose problems for daily household chores and essential appliances that rely on water to function. […]

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Does Reverse Osmosis Remove PFAS?

Are you wondering, “Does reverse osmosis remove PFAS?” As we learn more about the terrible side effects of these “forever” chemicals, the idea of avoiding the chemical altogether is a much better option than trying to manage the systems of ingesting this chemical, namely through the water. We’ll review what PFAS is and whether or […]

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PFAS in Merrimack Water Supply

Sources of PFOA Contamination: Where Does It Come From and How Does It Spread in New Hampshire?

Residents in New Hampshire have most likely heard of the dangers that untreated water can pose to someone’s health. One of these dangers is found in the PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) contaminant, otherwise known as an infamous “forever chemical.” Knowing how to recognize sources of PFOA can help prevent waterborne illnesses statewide. In this article, we […]

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Reverse Osmosis System

How Reverse Osmosis Works: An Overview of the Filtration Process

When we drink water, we often don’t think about the process behind the scenes until we’re faced with the need to find the right solution for our water needs. There are many ways to purify water, like distillation, chlorination, or carbon filtration. One type of home filtration is reverse osmosis (RO), which produces purified water […]

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Refrigerator in New Hampshire

PFAS in Your Drinking Water: What You Need to Know About Refrigerator Filters

PFAS is a pervasive and concerning issue for water contamination in daily life. Whether you’ve heard of it before reading this article — or you haven’t — many states (including NH), towns, and homes struggle with water quality. PFAS is a family of chemicals that has infiltrated the environment, soaking into groundwater and coming through […]

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Drinking Water in a new home in New Hampshire

FHA Loan Water Test Requirements

When you want to purchase a home in New Hampshire, sometimes a Federal Housing Administration or FHA loan can benefit you. Their significance in home financing is that they can help a family get mortgage insurance on a single-family, multifamily, hospital loan, or manufactured home. With lower down payment and credit score requirements, you may […]

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Drinking Water - NH Tap

Hard Water Contributes to Plaque Build Up

One little-known fact about how hard water impacts you and your family may cost you thousands in medical bills. While dental hygiene may not be your first guess, it is what I found out the last time I sat in the dentist’s chair. My dentist and I were discussing water quality issues, and through the […]

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VA Loan Water Test Requirements

If you or a loved one served in the military, you may be considering the VA loan program in your search for a new home! This loan program aims to help those who have served our country to finance their home purchase. It does have specific terms and an interest rate that can be considerably […]

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EPA’s New Recommendations for PFAS Released

On March 14th, 2023, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a new recommended lower level for drinking water for PFAS (Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances). At NH Tap, we are passionate about seeing Granite Staters get the best water quality, so we are taking a few minutes to outline the new recommendations, how this fits in […]

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Saint-Gobain in Merrimack

The New Hampshire Saint Gobain Water Contamination Map and Rebate Program

Photo credit: Jeffrey Hastings While many people fear health issues that run in their families, many New Hampshire residents have feared an unseen and often undetectable chemical that has spread into our environment. From the coast to mountains and everywhere in between, people have been discovering PFAS contamination problems from air emissions to the actual […]

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What is the State of New Hampshire doing to fix the PFAS water issue?

What to Know About the NHDES PFAS Removal Rebate

New Hampshire residents are increasingly confronted with an invisible yet dangerous threat – PFAS contamination in their water sources. The Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) reports that almost half of the population relies on private wells, 39% of which exceed safe levels for these potentially hazardous “forever chemicals.” This is a critical situation, especially in […]

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Sink with Rotten Egg Smell in Water

Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

One of the worst things is turning the faucet on to brush your teeth first thing in the morning and being met in the face with a pungent smell. If you’ve just been dealing with it and wondering why does my water smell like rotten eggs — you don’t have to continue wondering! We’re going […]

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PFOA Map New Hampshire

New Hampshire PFAS Map and What This Means For You

When you’re looking at the New Hampshire PFAS Map, it can be more than a little disturbing. With multiple sites ranking well over 45 ppt (PFOA+PFOS), there’s definitely a concern to bring further testing to more areas throughout the state and mitigate any issues with filtration. New Hampshire PFAS Map You can look at a […]

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Hard Water New Hampshire

Does New Hampshire have hard or soft water?

Whether you have hard or soft water in New Hampshire can impact your lifestyle or business in unfortunate ways. The easily visible limescale and buildup on faucets and drains is from the “hard” mineral ions. They, unfortunately, build up on the surfaces of your showers and tubs, faucets and fixtures, and dishes and utensils. While […]

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How do I know if I have PFAS in water?

How do I know if I have PFAS in water?

Among the most discouraging news in NH has been the latest string of articles on the growing PFAS problem in the state. From questions over Saint-Gobain’s transparency to the government trying to help homeowners dealing with this issue, many wonder, “How do I know if I have PFAS in water?” To truly know if you […]

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PFAS in NH Water

What is PFAS?

The battle against PFAS contaminants and the family of chemicals has been going on for a while — but it is far from over. This family of chemicals is best known for being water and oil-resistant. Still, it has historically been used in many everyday products, including makeup, food product containers, and other products that […]

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What is a PFOA - NH Tap

What is PFOA?

Globally, there’s been a spotlight on PFOA and similar chemicals — namely, what these environmental contaminants can do to our bodies. Being called a “forever chemical,” these manufactured elements are highly stable and are used to produce various everyday products.   Starting in 2016, the US phased out the use of PFOA/PFOS and other PFAS chemicals […]

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Is the water safe to drink in New Hampshire - NH Tap

Is the water safe to drink in New Hampshire

Whether you’ve been paying attention to the water scene in NH for a few years or you’re new to the conversation, the question remains: Is the water safe to drink in New Hampshire? And honestly, the answer can be a little bit complicated.  Living in a place full of natural beauty and having many neighbors […]

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Iron in NH Water - NH Tap

Why Did My Water Suddenly Turn Brown

It’s not the best day when you turn on the faucet or jump in the shower and are met with some brown-tinted droplets! You may feel completely turned off from using your water. While we want to reassure you that it’s most likely safe to use for cleaning and bathing (it may be best not […]

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Protect Your Family from PFAS in New Hampshire

More PFAS in New Hampshire — and What That Means for You

Water is a basic need for life—and we shouldn’t have to worry about the quality or standards. NH residents hear about this issue on a regular basis—and if you have well water or live near the Pease Tradeport or the Saint-Gobain, you may be very concerned about your and your family’s well-being. Since PFAS is […]

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So You Bought a Home in New Hampshire That Has Well Water….Now What?

Whether you’re moving into a home that’s had well water for 50+ years, or you’re constructing a new build in a rural area, owning a well water home has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. We want to help you understand the basics of what well water means for you, along with the most important benefits […]

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Don't Drink the Water

What is a boil advisory?

When you hear “water boil advisory” on the radio or television, you may be unfamiliar with the term or unsure what it means for you — we want to alleviate your concern by giving you the steps you need to take to ensure your family is safe. What is a water boil advisory? A boil […]

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NH Tap OneStep Conditioner Water Softener

7 Benefits of a Water Softener

If you struggle with dry, itchy skin or streaking on your glasses after the dishwasher runs, you may have an issue with hard water. Hard water can drastically damage your home, and fixing the issue with water softeners will help you enjoy a better quality of life and help you take better care of your […]

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Why you need a whole house water treatment system in New Hampshire

Purified water is an investment in your families health, home, and future. The state of New Hampshire is known for natural beauty and its citizens have built a reputation as being health-conscious and environmentally aware. So it may come as a surprise to Granite State homeowners to find that the water coming from their kitchen […]

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