The Benefits of UV Water Filtration Systems: Why You Should Consider Installing One

UV Water Purifier System

As many New Hampshire homeowners know, purified water is a necessary resource for families across the state to live happily.  Like families, water purification systems can come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique traits. One type of water purification is called a UV water filtration system. Compared to other methods, the UV water filtration system offers more significant  benefits for its household and beyond. In this guide, we will discuss the advantages of owning a UV water filtration appliance and how it can impact your daily life for the better. 

UV Water Filtration Systems

Like its name suggests, a UV water filtration system uses ultraviolet (UV) light to kill any unwanted bacteria and organisms inside the targeted water. The machinery does this by exposing the infected water to a specific wavelength of the ultraviolet light, which deactivates unfriendly microorganisms’ ability to multiply and cause sickness. 

A Simple Process

Unlike other water filters, the composition of a UV water purifier is fairly simple. All that is included is a chamber, an inlet and an outlet, a glass sleeve, and a UV light. The chamber functions as the purification site. The lamp is enclosed inside the transparent glass sleeve and installed inside the chamber. Inside, the water passes through the inlet and is exposed to the UV lamp, thereby unraveling their harmful characteristics on the spot. Then, the water exits the outlet and is taken to its final destination in your house. 

Benefits of UV Water Filtration Systems

While reverse osmosis filters can filter bacteria from your water, UV water filtration systems have more beneficial qualities when it comes to limiting the amount of microorganisms reproducing in your water supply. 

UV water filtration is…

  1. Efficient: UV water filtration works efficiently with all of the water it interacts with, meaning that it does not produce wastewater like reverse osmosis systems do. While it runs constantly, this system uses a small amount of energy to function, making this product cost efficient. Water treated with this method can be accessed instantly and NH Tap even offers free professional installation, saving time and energy for New Hampshire residents.
  2. Safe: UV water purification does not add any chemicals to the water supply like water softeners do.  No harmful by-products are produced and the pipes and plumbing are unaffected by the process, making these systems clean and healthy for both the home and the environment. The essential UV light is located inside the purifier’s chamber, keeping homeowners safe from the ultraviolet rays. 
  3. Effective: Killing 99.9% of bacteria inside the water, UV water purification is a competent water treatment appliance. It can remove the threat of harmful organisms such as E. Coli and fecal coliform and parasites like cryptosporidium and giardia, which can cause gastrointestinal and respiratory issues. Molds, yeast, and algae are also eliminated, therefore casting away the possibility of allergens and buildup of toxins in your body. NH Tap’s UV water purifier erases all of these health threats without tampering with the water’s color or even its taste. 
  4. Low Maintenance: At NH Tap, our UV water filter comes with a ten year warranty on the UV chamber, a three year warranty for the product’s electrical elements, and a one year warranty for the lamp and glass sleeve. As with every product you purchase, if you take the necessary time to maintain the purifier, it will have a longer lifespan.  All you need to do is replace the UV lamp annually and the sleeve biannually. In the meantime, to ensure the lamp’s effectiveness, we recommend simply cleaning the glass sleeve whenever it is needed. 
  5. Versatile: No matter where you may find yourself, UV water purification systems can keep up. Manufactured in many sizes, these purifiers can fit into many different types of homes with varying flow rates. If you are on the go, travel size purifiers are available to keep your trip safe and healthy. 

Tip: The faster your home’s flow rate is, the less effective a UV water filtration system can be. Measuring the flow rate of your home’s water ensures that your purifier is big or small enough to encompass the water passing through the system’s UV chamber for the adequate amount of time before being available to drink. 

Ultraviolet Light VS Chlorine 

Some homeowners may have heard of the purification process that includes the periodic element chlorine. While chlorine can be effective for safely killing some viruses and bacteria in your water, other harmful organisms can bypass the chemical and infect your water. However, UV water purifiers can catch all of the water’s potential unfriendly guests before it reaches your lips. 

Choosing UV water purification for your home

Homeowners have a lot of choices when it comes to water purification, so why should you consider using a UV light filter? In short, your final purchase depends on what exactly your household needs. NH Tap offers a free water test at your home in order to distinguish which type of filtration is best for your situation. 

In general, if your water is having trouble with sediment and harmful particles, you may need a reverse osmosis filter. If your home is suffering from hard water, all you may need is a water softener.  On the other hand, if you have issues with harmful bacteria, you should consider purchasing a UV water filtration system. 

Can a UV purifier work well with other filters? 

One of the benefits of having a water test conducted in your home is the confirmation and diagnosis for all of your water related needs, no matter how complicated they can be. The aftermath of a test can produce many questions about the next steps and it can be quite stressful if you find many issues with your water supply. 

But don’t worry- NH Tap is here to help. If your home is determined to have problems with sediment and minerals and bacteria, you can have more treatment systems working in tandem with the others. In fact, it is highly recommended to have a pre filter installed before your UV purifier in order to ensure that the water flowing under the ultraviolet light is ready to be checked for bacteria. For example, having a particle filter installed in front of your UV purifier can keep many harmful particles from making their way through the UV rays, which only eliminates microorganisms like bacteria and parasites. Ultraviolet purification only works if the water is transparent. Unwanted bacteria can also latch onto a particle and hide from the light, which defeats the whole purpose. 

Think of it like a conveyor belt in a factory. As the belt moves from Point A to Point B,  the product is being tinkered little by little by different workers until it is finished and ready to be distributed.  

Similarly, if you have a pre filter installed in front of your UV purifier, you can ensure that the water you are drinking was fully processed by a team of cooperating water filters for your health and safety. 


NH Tap’s first priority is to provide the residents of New Hampshire with the best water possible. With a UV water filtration system, you will not only have a cost efficient and safe water purifier, but you will also find bliss knowing your family is spared from severe illness and hardship found in your water. Schedule a free water test to determine if a UV water filter is right for you.

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