One in five private wells in Peterborough contain unsafe levels of arsenic.

Contaminated groundwater is the most common cause of Arsenic poisoning. The main source of Arsenic in drinking water (usually from drilled well water) is arsenic-rich rocks through which the water has been soaking. According to the World Health Organization, arsenic is the most serious inorganic contaminant in drinking water on a worldwide basis. If you live in an area where there are naturally high levels of Arsenic in the water or soil, limit your exposure to the water and consider using purified water.

Peterborough Arsenic Contamination Levels

  • EPA National Standard: 10 parts per billion
  • National Health Goal: 0–no known fully safe level
  • Peterborough Levels Found: 77 ppb*

Arsenic is a hazardous contaminant present in the well water of many unsuspecting homes with varying levels in Peterborough. It is an odorless, tasteless, and seemingly invisible element that poses serious health effects to those exposed.

Arsenic is a Class 1 carcinogen, the same category as tobacco smoking, asbestos, and diesel exhaust, and has been linked to a number of health concerns, such as:

  • Liver and kidney damage
  • Cardiovascular and lung disease
  • Skin, lung and bladder cancer
  • Skin lesions
  • Diabetes
  • Cognitive brain development in children

The NH Tap Arconic Water Treatment System is optimized to remove both Arsenic 3 and Arsenic 5 from New Hampshire well water. Well water that passes through the Arconic system, undergoes a chemical transformation that allows the impurities to be trapped by the filtration media. The purified water is then sent out to every faucet in your home—allowing your family to cook, brush their teeth, and drink in absolute confidence.

Why NH Tap?

NH Tap’s commitment is to provide safe, healthy drinking water for all of New Hampshire. Our team provides extensive evaluations to& detect contaminants such as arsenic, and will follow up with a custom treatment plan to ensure unpolluted, purified water. Sign-up to speak to an expert about testing your water today.

What’s Next?

Get a free lab test for arsenic on your private well.