Auburn, NH, a suburb of Manchester, ranks pretty high for public schools, buying a house in NH, and raising a family. With that in mind, about 52% of the town is in the family age range of 0-44. Living near the city has some great benefits — but dealing with the water issues in Manchester has some families and businesses looking for the best whole house water filtration systems for Auburn.

Some homes are connected to the Manchester Waterworks, but some homes and businesses use private water wells. With this in mind, residents must be aware of issues relating to arsenic, PFAS, and more potential contaminants. At NH Tap, we understand the need for great-tasting and pure water — and we are passionate about helping residents get the best, straight from the faucets!

NH Tap water filtration solutions for Auburn, NH.

For city water patrons – while your water may go through the processing plant, there are still 11 contaminants that the EWG has identified as “exceeding EWG health guidelines,” which includes the following carcinogens:

  • Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) (249x over)
  • Haloacetic acids, HAA9 (84x over)
  • Haloacetic acids, HAA5 (39x over)
  • Bromodichloromethane (21x over)
  • Dichloracetic acid (18x over)
  • Chloroform (5.5x over)

When you depend on well water in NH, some of your immediate worries may include —

  • Corrosive Groundwater. With terrible smells and staining, this water problem can damage your home’s pipes and impact your wellness.
  • Arsenic. A known carcinogen, arsenic, can generate difficulties with your skin, blood vessels, blood pressure, fertility, and nerves.
  • Iron. This element causes undesired orange staining, low water pressure, and physical issues like diabetes and stomach issues.
  • PFAS. Living close to the Merrimack River, PFAS will continually be a problem.

Having a healthy water supply for your family and community is a fundamental need. Water testing and proficient water treatments for Auburn can help you feel safe about your home or business and provide the highest quality living experiences! We produce the most reliable water systems customized to your water needs. 

 NH Tap loves giving our neighbors —

  • A healthier living environment with a cleaner kitchen, softer laundry, more dependable appliances, and the purest drinking water.
  • A custom analysis of your water, explained by one of our experts.
  • Streamlined, customized whole-home water filtration solutions for well water.
  • Options for water softener and a reverse osmosis system.
  • Easy financing options with installation, a 5-year warranty (including parts and labor), and lifetime support.

Whole-home water filtration systems for Auburn.

Get the best in public water filtration for Auburn, NH.

It’s vital to ensure that your friends and family are safe in your home and can enjoy the cleanest water. But we understand that changing your water filtration system can be intimidating. But our water experts make it a smooth experience. Whether your Auburn home is older and more established or a new build, you need someone who understands NH homes, structures, and water systems.

If you’re concerned about your water quality, we can —

  1. Conduct a free water test. Sign up for a water test, and we’ll send off a sample of your water to an independent, third-party lab to report on your home’s water quality and contaminants.
  2. Provide NH Tap Recommendations. If your well does have unsafe levels, we will show you the correct filtration media required to get rid of the issues and improve your quality of life. We are passionate about helping our neighbors get the water they need at an affordable price.

Learn more about the NH Tap MainFrame Whole House Water Filtration System.

Get the best in well water filtration for Auburn, NH.

Many Auburn homes depend on well water that can be impacted by both natural and manufactured chemicals.

Explore our NH Tap Absolute Well Water Filtration System for private wells.

A neighbor said this about her experience:

“If you have any questions or concerns about your NH tap water, Keith is the guy you need to talk to. Not only is his expertise and knowledge top tier, but he will set your family up with a water supply that is pristine! I was so happy to receive all of his feedback, information, and a protocol that will work for us in the long term. 10/10 an amazing, helpful and honest business! Test your water, you may be surprised what you find out and Keith will help you!”

– Alicia Gordon

Pure water at every faucet in your home may require less effort than you think. Our solutions include the best whole house water filtration systems for Auburn, and our prices are unmatched.

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Pure water at every faucet in your home may cost less than you think. Our solutions are superior, and our prices are unmatched. But don’t just take our word for it.

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