Mason is best known for being home to “Uncle Sam,” but to locals, it’s a quaint place to live and popular for Pickity Place, a truly unique New England dining experience! This town is a delightful spot to raise families and enjoy peaceful living.

While there are many things to love about this place, the town runs on well water, which raises concerns over Arsenic and PFAS, in addition to hard water minerals. As a resident, you should be testing your water every 1-3 years. We’re going to review some of the contaminants in your area, as well as a few things you can do (including the best whole house water filtration systems for Mason) to take care of any water issues you may find!

Water issues in the Mason, NH area.

While the EWG (Environmental Working Group) hasn’t done a report specifically for Mason, looking at neighboring Greenville, NH, we can see that they have a heavy presence of arsenic across the board. In one spot, the arsenic levels were 804x the EWG-recommended limits!

Since there can be immediate risk factors in your water supply, be sure to schedule your water testing as soon as possible to mitigate future health issues.

NH Tap water filtration solutions for Mason, NH.

NH Tap passionately delivers the proper water treatment for Mason homes to keep you and your family healthy. We have installed over 300 whole-home units locally, providing the correct solutions for many NH families and businesses. Our founder, Keith McDonald, and team members are passionate about the water problems the Granite State faces and simply want to provide you with the best information.

NH Tap delivers the best water treatment for Mason because we provide —

Whole-home water filtration systems for Mason, NH.

Get the best in well water filtration for Mason.

Our Absolute™ Whole House Water Filtration System removes water hazards (arsenic, PFAS, and other chemical and organic matter runoff) that can contaminate your water supply — at the source.

Our team can —

  • Conduct a well water test. We provide you with a third-party lab report on your home’s water quality, guaranteeing you have independent verification of the pollutant levels.
  • Give you custom recommendations. If your well water has problems, we will show you the exact filtration media you need to eradicate the contamination. We will improve your quality of life, ensuring you have the best and cleanest water in town!

Explore our NH Tap Absolute Well Water Filtration System for private wells.

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