PFOA industrial contaminant

PFOA is an example of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a suspected carcinogen and with low levels of traces found throughout the environment and in the blood serum of 98% of Americans. Though phased out in 2015, PFOA lingers in our bodies and water sources and doesn’t have the ability to naturally decompose.

According to an unreleased report by the CDC, data reveals that the current advisory level from the EPA for PFOA is actually 7 times higher than it should be. The CDC reports show that 70 parts per trillion (the standard that the State of New Hampshire currently abides by), as opposed to their recommended 11 parts per trillion, is a dangerous threat to human health. An NH Tap water test for PFOAs is vital for all homes, as its presence is ubiquitous throughout the state and currently no enforced regulations exist.

Health effects of PFAs in drinking water.

PFOA is a toxic, man-made chemical that is not yet fully understood by scientists and medical professionals. A suspected carcinogen, PFOA accumulates in our blood serum, kidneys, and liver through absorption from inhalation or ingestion.

PFOA exposure has been linked to:

  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Cognitive development in babies and children
  • Compromise immune systems
  • Immunity against vaccines
  • Infertility
  • Hormone production

PFOA Remediation

Following a water test by NH Tap and upon detection of PFOA, a custom water treatment plan will be designed to purify and rid it of dangerous impurities. The NH Tap MainFrame Whole House Water Filtration System is the best defense against PFOA, a 3-stage filtration technology that will contain and remove toxins before circulating into the home. The MainFrame performs an automatic regeneration cycle to clean and restore capacity, so you may rest knowing NH Tap is continually providing your home access to safe, toxic-free water.

What’s Next?

Get your water tested for PFAS and PFOA.

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