Get a Free In-Home Water Test in New Hampshire

Find out what’s in your water.

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A Water Analysis can help you decrease your exposure to numerous known and unknown contaminants in your water supply. Our experts will check for a variety of common water contaminants, including:

Common Water Contaminants

  • Iron
  • Acidity
  • Hard Water
  • Manganese
  • Arsenic*
  • Lead*
  • Bacteria*
  • Radon*
  • Road Salt
  • Nitrate*
  • Uranium*
  • PFOA*

We understand you live a busy life. With that in mind we have streamlined the water testing process to ensure you experience the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

* Most in-home testing can be completed while you watch. A number of water tests may be performed in your home while others may be sent to our laboratory for analysis.